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Gothic is an online slot game created by Microgaming. It is most notable for its rich and highly detailed visual design, which is based around all things dark and mysterious. It is clear that the visual space around the play area, draped with red curtains and iron spikes, has had a great deal of effort Read More

One of the best things about playing any kind of casino game online instead of at brick-and-mortar venue is the massive array of choices you have. Thanks to the World Wide Web not having any kind of space limitations, there are simply more titles for you to have fun with at any given point in time, and Poker is a great example of this.

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Whatever casino game you’re playing, whether it revolves around cards, dice, spinning reels, or a spinning wheel, knowing more about it really helps your chances of seeing better returns! Through the years, gamblers have devoted a huge amount of time and energy to creating systems that see them win more, more often, and you’d be a fool not to take advantage of them.

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Understanding your personality, and how it influences the betting decisions that you make, can give you insight into yourself and help you manage your punts better. And who doesn’t want that? Check out the categories below and see which of them you fall into.

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Surfing is an incredibly popular sport, with a long and rich history. Early explorers from Europe and England recorded seeing Polynesians do it, and plenty of data suggests that the chief of a tribe was whichever man could surf best.

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When Charles Fey unveiled the Liberty Bell in 1895, that very first slot machine’s 3 reels featured playing card suits and various symbols of luck. Nowadays, online slots are available in a plethora of popular themes – and they are not limited to the icons on the reels.

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Super Zeroes Scratch Card Bringing a bumbling band of do gooders with a dollop of humour to the online scratch card platform. There are plenty of fun games online to play and bet on but in terms of raw visceral excitement there are few that best the scratching of a winning card. Especially when those Read More

About Monkey Business BetOnSoft is the developer behind the slot game Monkey Business. This is a 5 reel, 20 payline online casino slot that features some bonus content. The theme of Monkey Business is centred around a bunch of monkeys and gorillas that are running a business, and this can be seen through the various Read More

About Money Spinner Powered by software developer Mazooma, Money Spinner is a 5 reels and 20 payline online casino slot game. The game is bright and colourful, featuring symbols that are made up of gems, as well as the classic numbers and letters. Money Spinner features gameplay very similar to other Mazooma games, and includes Read More

Microgaming has an online slot themed around just about every popular culture reference in the modern era. In regard to Money Mad Monkey, the slot is based on the extremely popular arcade game Donkey Kong. Money Mad Monkey will appeal to fans of the video game, as many of the references used in the game Read More

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